THADDEUS AND SLOCUM: A Vaudeville Adventure

June 1 – August 19
THADDEUS AND SLOCUM: A Vaudeville Adventure*
By Kevin Douglas

Directed by J. Nicole Brooks and Krissy Vanderwaker

Lookingglass Theatre Company 

"It’s 1908 and Chicago’s Majestic Theatre is the jewel of the vaudeville circuit. The only thing stopping Thaddeus and Slocum from becoming the next great stage act is as simple – and complicated – as black and white. Will laughter triumph and friendship endure as racial boundaries threaten to destroy their dreams of making the “big time?”

Lookingglass dives deep into the divided heart of American culture and show biz for a daring cavalcade of slapstick, song and dance, and burlesque as two best friends risk everything to make it to the top together." - Lookingglass Theatre Company

*World Premiere